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Our technicians can solve any troubleshooting with extrusion, guaranteeing a complete and timely service and limiting costly downtime.

Our expertise ensures a comprehensive, thorough, and accurate overhaul of every part of the extruder.

The three key points to ensure a good overhaul are:

  • our technicians

  • our equipment

  • our experience

All this to the service of a high-quality level.

When doing the overhaul, we dismantle all the components that make up your extrusion plant for hollow core slabs.

All spare parts subject to high wear and pressure are carefully analyzed using our highly sophisticated portable instruments to detect any tiny imperfections of any origin, type and nature inside any metal structure.


We can operate on any plant thanks to our experience in maintaining hollow core slabs plants.

Operating in this way, we will provide a HIGH QUALITY OVERHAUL SERVICE.

OVERHAUL Elematic ®
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