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We started as a small metallurgical company in Ostiglia (Mantua) in 1968.

Up to the eighties, we mainly worked in the farm equipment sector making agricultural trailers and straw choppers and building and assembling shop drawing parts for large companies operating in that field.

In the nineties, we started cooperating with a big company in the precast and brick sector.

Initially, we only did maintenance jobs, and as our level of expertise increased, we started producing wear parts.


Nowadays our company can operate anywhere in Italy and even abroad:

·         After-sales service

·         Repairs

·         Spare parts supply and assembling of any extrusion and concrete mixing plant parts.

Factory Savioli Metalmeccanica Verona
Technical department Savioli Metalmeccanica Verona


To meet the most specific requirements, our engineering department studies and designs any parts a company might require. The department always closely contacts the production plant to find the best customer needs solutions.

The company’s plant spreads over a 3700 sqm indoor surface, including the factory where we build the components, the machinery repaired, and the warehouse where the products are stored.

As we keep a good stock of products, we can supply spare parts in any needed quantities and overhaul them quickly, thus not making customers wait long.

Warehouse Savioli Metalmeccanica Verona
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